A Divine Perspective on Rights

  • A Divine Perspective on Rights
A Divine Perspective on Rights
Translator(s): Dr. Ali Peiravi Lisa Zaynab Morgan
Publisher(s): Ansariyan Publications - Qum
Category: The 12 Imams General General
Topic Tags: Supplications Sahifa Sahifah Sajjadiyyah Miscellaneous information: Commented by: Ghodratullah Mashayekhi
First Edition 1381 - 2002 – 1423
ISBN: 964-438-417-2
Person Tags: Imam Sajjad
Subject: Moral Tradition
Congress Classification: BP۲۴۸‭/ع ۷ر۵۰۸۸ ۱۳۸۱
Dewey Classification: ۲۹۷/۶۳
National bibliography numbers: م ۸۱-۴۹۶۰۲
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ Dedication؛ Translators´ Foreword؛ Respect Everyone’s Rights؛ About The Author؛ Introduction؛ The Rights of God؛ Right n.1: The Greatest Right of God؛ Right n. 2: The Right of Your Self؛ Right n. 3: The Right of the Tongue؛ Right n. 4: The Right of Hearing؛ Right n. 5: The Right of the Sight؛ Right n. 6: The Right of the Legs؛ Right n. 7: The Right of the Hand؛ Right n. 8: The Right of the Stomach؛ Right n. 9: The Right of the Private Part؛ The Rights of Deeds؛ Right n. 10: The Right of the Prayer؛ Right n. 11: The Right of Fasting؛ Right n. 12: The Right of the Pilgrimage؛ Right n. 13: The Right of Charity؛ Right n. 14: The Right of the Offering؛ The Rights of the Leaders؛ Right n. 15: The Right of the Possessor of Authority؛ Right n. 16: The Right of the Trainer through Knowledge؛ Right n. 17: The Right of the Trainer through Ownership؛ The Rights of the Subjects؛ Right n. 18: The Right of Subjects through Authority؛ Right n. 19: The Right of Subjects through Knowledge؛ Right n. 20: The Right of the Wife؛ Right n. 21: The Right of your Slave؛ The Rights of Relationship؛ Right n. 22: The Right of the Mother؛ Right n. 23: The Right of the Father؛ Right n. 24: The Right of the Child؛ Right n. 25: The Right of the Brother؛ The Rights of Others؛ Right n. 26: The Right of the Master؛ Right n. 27: The Right of the Freed Slave؛ Right n. 28: The Right of the One Who Treats You Kindly؛ Right n. 29: The Right of the Caller to Prayer؛ Right n. 30: The Right of the Ritual Prayer Leader؛ Right n. 31: The Right of the Sitting Companion؛ Right n. 32: The Right of the Neighbor؛ Right n. 33: The Right of the Companion؛ Right n. 34: The Right of the Partner؛ Right n. 35: The Right of Property؛ Right n. 36: The Right of the Creditor؛ Right n. 37: The Right of the Associate؛ Right n. 38: The Right of the Adversary؛ Right n. 39: The Right of Him Who Seeks Your Advice؛ Right n. 40: The Right of Him Whose Advice You Seek؛ Right n. 41: The Right of Him Who Seeks Your Counsel؛ Right n. 42: The Right of the Counselor؛ Right n. 43: Right of the Older One؛ Right n. 44: The Right of the Younger One؛ Right n. 45: The Right of Him Who Asks from You؛ Right n. 46: The Right of Him from Whom You Ask؛ Right n. 47: The Right of Him through whom God makes you Happy؛ Right n. 48: The Right of Him Who Wrongs You؛ Right n. 49: The Right of People of Your Creed؛ Right n. 50: The Right of Those Under the Protection of Islam؛ Concluding Remarks by Imam Sajjad
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