• Ashura
Author(s): Shaykh Muhammad Mahdi Al-Asifi
Translator(s): Umar Kumo
Publisher(s): ABWA Publishing and Printing Center
Category: Early Islamic History Imam al-Husayn and Karbala
Topic Tags: Ashura Miscellaneous information: Ashura Ayatullah Mahdi Asifi
Project supervisor: Translation Unit, Central Office of Research Cultural Affairs Department / The Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) World Assembly (ABWA)
Translator: Umar Kumo
Translation Editor: Sayyidah Effat Shah
Proofread by: Sayyid Baqir Husayni
Publisher: ABWA Publishing and Printing Center Assembly
ISBN: 978-964-529-711-2
First Printing: 2011
Featured Category: Introducing the Ahlul Bayt Resources for Further Research
Person Tags: Imam Husayn (a)
This book Contains these titles:
BOOK ID؛ point؛ Publisher’s Foreword؛ Introduction؛ Critical Juncture In The Life Of Mankind؛ Meditations On Husayn’s Speech On The Day Of Ashura؛ Political Goals Of Imam Husayn (As)'S Uprising؛ Husayn (As)’S Letter From Karbala To His Brother, Muhammad؛ Defying Death On The Day Of Ashura؛ Some Instances Of Loyalty In The Supplication: Ziyarat Al-Warith؛ Loyalty And Repudiation In The Supplication Of Ziyarat Ashura؛ Imam Husayn (As)’S Portrayal of Islamic Society During Umayyad Rule؛ The Four Unchangeable Aspects of Imam Husayn (as)’S Uprising؛ Loyalty and Repudiation on the Day of Ashura؛ The First Speech of Imam Husayn's (as) Uprising
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