Discursive Theology Volume 1

  • Discursive Theology Volume 1
Discursive Theology Volume 1
Author(s): Dr. ‘Ali Rabbani Gulpaygani
Translator(s): Mansoor L. Limba
Publisher(s): Al-Mustafa International College
Category: General God His Attributes General
Topic Tags: Theology Miscellaneous information: Author: Dr. ‘Ali Rabbani Gulpaygani
Translator and typesetter: Mansoor Limba, PhD
Proofreader: Abdul Rashid Abdullah, MA
First Edition: 2013
Published in the Philippines
Copies: 1,000
ISBN: 978-971-95445-1-7
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All rights reserved.
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Featured Category: Introducing Islam
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ Foreword؛ Preface؛ Lesson 1: Why Should We Know God?؛ Lesson 2: The Ways of Knowing God؛ Lesson 3: Natural Disposition (Fiṭrah) and Knowing God؛ Lesson 4: Order in the Universe and Knowing God؛ Lesson 5: Assessment of Hume’s Objections to the Argument of Design؛ Lesson 6: The Argument of Contingency؛ Lesson 7: The Argument of Possibility and Necessity؛ Lesson 8: The Unity of God’s Essence and Attributes؛ Lesson 9: The Unity of God in Creation؛ Lesson 10: The Divine Unity in Lordship؛ Lesson 11: The Divine Unity in Worship؛ Lesson 12: The Attributes of God؛ Lesson 13: The Knowledge of God؛ Lesson 14: God’s Power and Will؛ Lesson 15: Life, Pre-existence and Eternity؛ Lesson 16: The Divine Will and Decree؛ Lesson 17: The Divine Speech and Word؛ Lesson 18: The Attributes of Khabariyyah؛ Lesson 19: Negative Attributes (Al-Ṣifāt al-Salbiyyah)؛ Lesson 20: The Divine Justice and Wisdom؛ Lesson 21: Rational Goodness and Evil؛ Lesson 22: The Proofs of Divine Justice and Wisdom؛ Lesson 23: The Creation as Goal-oriented؛ Lesson 24: Evil and the Best Order؛ Lesson 25: Evil and the Justice of God؛ Lesson 26: Man and Freewill؛ Lesson 27: Misgivings of the Predeterminists؛ Lesson 28: The Mandatoriness of Obligation؛ Lesson 29: The Necessity for Grace
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