Elements of Islamic Studies

  • Elements of Islamic Studies
Elements of Islamic Studies
Author(s): Allamah Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Publisher(s): Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
Category: General Miscellaneous information: First Edition : 1968; 2,500 Copies
Second (Enlarged) Edition: 1971; 3,000 Copies
Fourth Edition : 1983; 5,000 Copies
Featured Category: Introducing Islam Muslim Practices
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ Extract from the Preface to the First Edition؛ Preface to the Second Edition؛ Lesson 1: Kalima, Meaning of Kalima؛ Lesson 2: The 14 Ma’sumeen؛ Lesson 3: The 14 Masumeen؛ Lesson 4: Salawat؛ Lesson 5: Names of Ulu’l-Azm Prophets؛ Lesson 6: Names of Revealed Books؛ Lesson 7: Names of Islamic Months؛ Lesson 8: The Teachings of Islam؛ Lesson 9: The roots of Religion (I)؛ Lesson 10: Al-Sifat al-Thubutiyah؛ Lesson 11: Al-Sifat al-Salbiyah؛ Lesson 12: The Roots of Religion (II)؛ Lesson 13: The Roots of Religion (III)؛ Lesson 14: The Branches of Religion (I)؛ Lesson 15: The Branches of Religion (II)؛ Lesson 16: The Branches of Religion (III)؛ Lesson 17: Useful Explanations Part I & II؛ Lesson 18: Useful Explanations Part III؛ Lesson 19: Najasah؛ Lesson 20: Mutahhirat (I)؛ Lesson 21: Mutahhirat (II)؛ Lesson 22: Rules of the Toilet؛ Lesson 23: Wudhu (Ablution)؛ Lesson 24: Conditions of Wudhu؛ Lesson 25: Prayers؛ Lesson 26: Times of Prayers؛ Lesson 27: Qibla؛ Lesson 28: Clothes of Prayer؛ Lesson 29: Place of Prayer؛ Lesson 30: Adhan and Iqamah؛ Lesson 31: Wajibat (obligatory acts) of prayer؛ Lesson 32: Niyyah, Takbir and Qiyam؛ Lesson 33: Sajdah (I)؛ Lesson 34: Sajdah (II)؛ Lesson 35: Wajib (obligatory) Sajdahs of the Qur’an؛ Lesson 36: Qir'at؛ Lesson 37: Translation of 3 Surahs and Qunut؛ Lesson 38: Other wajib (obligatory) acts؛ Lesson 39: Actions that Invalidate Prayer؛ Lesson 40: Shakk (Doubts in Prayer)؛ Lesson 41: Valid (Sahih) Doubts؛ Lesson 42: Mubtil Doubts that Invalidate the Prayer؛ Lesson 43: Prayer of Ihtiyat and Sajdah al-Sahw؛ Lesson 44: Ghusl؛ Lesson 45: Ghusl of Janabat؛ Lesson 46: Ghusl of haidh and nifas؛ Lesson 47: Istihadha؛ Lesson 48: Tayammum؛ Lesson 49: Salat al-ayaat (Prayer of signs)؛ Lesson 50: Friday Prayer؛ Lesson 51: Salat al-‘Eidayn؛ Lesson 52: Salat al-Jama’ah (congregational prayer)؛ Lesson 53: The Prayer for the Deceased (Salat al-Mayyit)؛ Lesson 54: Sawm (fasting)؛ Lesson 55: Muftirat & Kaffarah؛ Lesson 56: Nadhr؛ Questions
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