Faith and Reason

  • Faith and Reason
Faith and Reason
Author(s): Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani
Translator(s): A Group of Muslim Scholars
Compiler(s): The Porch of Wisdom Cultural Institution
Publisher(s): The Islamic Education Board of the World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities
Category: General Youth
Topic Tags: Question Answer Young Muslim Western Society
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ Foreword؛ Biography of Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani؛ Question 1: Divine Will and Human Will؛ Question 2: Free Choice & Divine Seal & Lock upon the hearts of the Perverse؛ Question 3: Possibility of knowledge of Allah؛ Question 4: Misguidance from Allah؛ Question 5: Being Allah’s Servant؛ Question 6: Nearness to Allah؛ Question 7: Friends of Allah not having Fear؛ Question 8: Allah, Love or Fear?؛ Question 9: Asking one’s need from other than Allah؛ Question 10: The Light of Heavens and the Earth؛ Question 11: Divine Tests؛ Question 12: Allah’s Will in Human Guidance؛ Question 13: Non-muslims and Hell؛ Question 14: Self-Confidence and Trust in Allah؛ Question 15: Attaining Perfection؛ Question 16: The Angels and free-will؛ Question 17: Satan’s Influence؛ Question 18: Power of Satan and Jinn؛ Question 19: Resurrection؛ Question 20: Heaven and Hell؛ Question 21: The infallibility of the Prophets in the Qur’an؛ Question 22: The Original Sin of Adam and Eve؛ Question 23: Purpose of Religion؛ Question 24: Purpose of Creation؛ Question 25: Signs for the re-emergence of Imam al-Mahdi؛ Question 26: Issues such as marriage, place of residence etc etc, concerning the life of the Twelfth Imam؛ Question 27: The qualities of human society after the re-appearance of Imam al-Mahdi – the state of Justice, oppression, poverty and sin؛ Question 28: Role of Women in the government of Imam al-Mahdi؛ Question 29: The reason for Imam al-Zaman’s prolonmgued age؛ Question 30: Possbility of Decline in Imam al-Mahdis government؛ Question 31: Difference in blood money between man and a woman in Islamic Jurisprudence؛ Question 32: Difference in inheritance of women and men in Islamic Jurisprudence؛ Question 33: The role a person plays in obtaining his sustenance؛ Question 34: Treatment of Illness and Supplication؛ Question 35: Canonization of the Qur’an؛ Question 36: The names of the Imams in the Qur’an؛ Question 37: Imamate at Childhood؛ Question 38: Conditions to the fulfilment of Prayer؛ Question 39: Sin: Reality, effect on Soul and Psyche؛ Question 40: Kiramah (Magnanimity): Stations and Meanings؛ Question 41: Pure Wine in the Qur’an؛ Question 42: Pre-requisites for understanding the Qur’an؛ Question 43: al-Khidr’s actions in the Qur’an؛ Question 44: Existence of spirits within animals and its differnce from that of the Human Being؛ Question 45: Limiting the Ahlul Bayt to a few individuals؛ Question 46: Compatibility of Religion and Politics؛ Question 47: Relationship between governance of a jurist and the authority of a jurist؛ Question 48: Legal imitation of a Jurist (mujtahid)؛ Question 49: Difference between hukm and fatwa؛ Question 50: Religious Pluralism and different Interpretations of Religion؛ Other Publications by the Islamic Education Board
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