The Emendation of A Shi‘ite Creed

  • The Emendation of A Shi‘ite Creed
The Emendation of A Shi‘ite Creed
Author(s): Shaykh al-Mufid
Translator(s): Irfan ‘Abdu l-Hamid
Publisher(s): World Organization for Islamic Services (WOFIS)
Category: General
Topic Tags: Shiite Creed
Featured Category: Resources for Further Research
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ Preface؛ The Author and His Works؛ 1. The Metaphorical Interpretation of the Baring of the Shank (Kashfu 'S-Saq)؛ 2. The Metaphorical Interpretation of "The Hand (Al-Yad)"؛ 3. The Breathing of the Spirit (into man) (Nafkhu 'l-Arwah)؛ 4. Metonym and Metaphor (in the Qur’an)؛ 5. The Attribution of Scheming: beguiling and Mockery to Allah؛ 6. The Attribution of Forgetfulness to Allah؛ 7. The Attributes of Allah (Sifat Allah)؛ 8. The Belief concerning the Origination of Human Actions؛ 9. Concerning Human Actions (faslun fi af‘Ali 'L-khalq)؛ 10. Predestination and Free Will (Al-Jabr wa 't-tafwid)؛ 11. The Belief concerning Allah's Intention and Will (Al-Mashiah Wa 'l-Iradah)؛ 12. The belief concerning destiny and decree (Al-Qada’ wa 'L-Qadar)؛ 13. The interpretation of the reports concerning Al-Qada’ and Al-Qadar؛ 14. The Natural Religion (Al-Fitrah)؛ 15. Concerning Human Capacity (Al -Istita‘Ah)؛ 16. Concerning Al-bada’؛ 17. Concerning Religious Disputation (Al-Jidal)؛ 18. The belief concerning the tablet and the pen (Al-Lawh Wa 'L-Qalam)؛ 19. The Metaphysical Meaning of the Throne (Al-‘Arsh)؛ 20. Concerning Souls and Spirits (Al-Arwah wa 'n-Nufus)؛ 21. What Ash-Shaykh Abu Ja‘far has described about Death؛ 22. The Belief concerning the questioning in the Grave؛ 23. What Ash-Shaykh Abu Ja‘far has mentioned about Divine Justice؛ 24. Chapter on Al-A‘raf؛ 25. The Belief concerning the Bridge (As-Sirat)؛ 26. Chapter concerning Al-‘Aqabat؛ 27. The belief concerning reckoning and balance (Al-Hisab wa 'l-Mizan)؛ 28. Concerning Paradise and Hell (Al -Jannah wa 'N-nar)؛ 29. The Point of Unbelief؛ 30. Concerning the descent of revelation (Nuzulu 'l-Wahy)؛ 31. On the Revelation of the Qur’an (Nuzulu 'l-Qur’an)؛ 32. The Belief on Impeccability (Al-‘Ismah)؛ 33. Chapter on Excess and Delegation (Al-Ghuluww wa’t-Tafwid)؛ 34. On Dissimulation (At-Taqiyyah)؛ 35. That the ancestors of the prophet were monotheists (Muwahhidun)؛ 36. Concerning the interpretation of the verse 42:43؛ 37. On Prohibition and Permission (Al-Hazr wa 'l-Ibahah)؛ 38. On Medicine (At-Tibb)؛ 39. On the Divergent Traditions (Al -Ahadithu 'l-Mukhtalifah)؛ Bibliography