The Shia Rebuts

  • The Shia Rebuts
The Shia Rebuts
Author(s): Sayyid Rida Husayni Nasab
Translator(s): Mansoor Limba
Publisher(s): Ahlul Bayt World Assembly
Category: Comparative Religion
Topic Tags: Shia Rebuts Comparison
This book Contains these titles:
ID book؛ point؛ Foreword؛ Introduction؛ Question 1 : Which is correct, “wa ‘itrati” {and my progeny}, or “wa sunnati” {and my tradition}?؛ Question 2 : What does “Shi‘ah” mean?؛ Question 3 : Why is ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (‘a) regarded as the wasi {executor of will} and successor of the Prophet (S)?؛ Question 4: Who are the Imams?؛ Question 5: Why do Shi’a say “Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa Ali Muhammad”؛ Question 6: Why do you regard your Imams as “infallible” {ma‘sum}?؛ Question 7: Why do Shi’a Add Ashhadu anna ‘aliyyan waliyyullah” in the Call to Prayer?؛ Question 8: Who is the Mahdi of Muhammad’s Progeny {Al Muhammad} and why are you waiting for his advent?؛ Question 9: If the Shi‘ah are right, then why are they in the minority and why do most Muslims in the world not recognize them (as Muslims)?؛ Question 10: What is raj‘ah {“return”} and why do you believe in it?؛ Question 11: What is shafa‘ah {intercession}, which you believe in?؛ Question 12: Is asking the rightful intercessors for intercession {shafa‘ah} tantamount to polytheism {shirk}?؛ Question 13: Is seeking help from someone other than God regarded as a kind of polytheism {shirk}?؛ Question 14: Is calling on someone tantamount to worshipping him and to polytheism?؛ Question 15: What is bada’ and why do you believe in it?؛ Question 16: Do the Shi‘ah believe in the tahrif {distortion} of the Qur’an?؛ Question 17: How do the Shi‘ah view the Sahabah {Companions}?؛ Question 18: What is meant by “temporary marriage” {mut‘ah} and why do the Shi‘ah regard it as lawful?؛ Question 19: Why do the Shi‘ah prostrate on turbah {dried clay}?؛ Question 20: During ziyarah, why do the Shi‘ah kiss the doors and walls of the shrines of awliya’ and seek blessings {tabarruk} whereby?؛ Question 21: Is according to Islam religion separate from politics?؛ Question 22: Why do the Shi‘ah regard the sons of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (‘a) (Hasan and Husayn (‘a)) as the sons of the Messenger of Allah (S)?؛ Question 23: Why do the Shi‘ah believe that caliphate {khilafah} is a matter of appointment {tansisi}?؛ Question 24: Is to swear by other than God regarded as a kind of polytheism?؛ Question 25: Is to resort to the divine saints {awliya’} for mediation {tawassul} regarded as polytheism {shirk} and tantamount to innovation in religion {bid‘ah}?؛ Question 26: Is celebrating the birthday of the saints {awliya’} of God a kind of polytheism and innovation {bid‘ah}?؛ Question 27 : Why do the Shi‘ah perform the five daily prayers in three periods?؛ Question 28: What are the sources of Shi‘i jurisprudence {fiqh}?؛ Question 29 : Did Abu Talib die a believer on account of which you visit {ziyarah} his shrine?؛ Question 30 : Do the Shi‘ah think that Jibra’il (Archangel Gabriel) has committed treachery when he conveyed the message {risalah} to Muhammad instead of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib?؛ Question 31: What is the criterion of taqiyyah {dissimulation}?؛ Question 32 : Why is the Ja‘fari school of thought {madhhab} stipulated in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the official madhhab of the country?؛ Question 33 : Do the Shi‘ah regard witr prayer as obligatory?؛ Question 34: Is the belief that great divine people {awliya’} have supernatural power tantamount to polytheism {shirk}?؛ Question 35 : Why is the station of Imamate {imamah} higher than that of prophethood {nubuwwah}?؛ Question 36 : What is the criterion for distinguishing monotheism or the Unity of God {tawhid} from polytheism {shirk}?؛ Bibliography
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