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Philosophy of Islamic Laws

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This book is written by Ayatullah al-`Uzma al-Hajj ash-Shaykh Nasir Makarim Shirazi and Ayatullah Jafar Subhani. Syed Athar Husain S.H. Rizvi is the translator of the book into English. It is published by the Islamic Seminary Publications.

Islam has ordered some things and refrained from others. The basis of this has some purpose and Islamic laws are not imposed without any reason. For example foods and drinks, the lawful relations and other things, all have some benefit or harm hidden in them. Whether the laws about them are made or not, there is no difference of their effects. If you ponder on the things, which are forbidden, you will come to know that the things, which are intoxicating like alcohol etc, are themselves harmful. Interest is just acquiring wealth of the people and it is like a trap.

Therefore wine and interest are forbidden because of their innate harmful effects. On the other side when you look at things, which are obligatory you will feel that all the worship acts for example, Prayer and Zakat are obligatory because of the benefits that people acquire from them. In short that Islamic law is based on benefits or harms or on their goodness or evil. Many things can be understood from science and experience. This type of research or to know the logic behind any Islamic law or to ask any questions regarding it is not disallowed.

The curiosity of a human being leads to finding of truth and his real spiritual want and also it opens the door for progress. It is a lively sign for man that he tries to acquire the things, which are unknown and hidden to him. This is the reason that people who don't question about things lag behind and do not prosper. In the view of Islam the benefits of “Questioning” brings progress and perfection. Islam not only gives its followers the right to question the different topics but also the true guides of Islam have invited people to ask questions.

The world must have not forgotten the famous sentence of the great preacher who said, “ask me whatever you want to ask.” The progeny of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) has answered the questions of their followers. Not only those followers got satisfactory answers that increased their thinking power but also today those in search for truth can use this valuable treasure of knowledge from the progeny of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.).who want to understand the Islamic laws according to reason and traditions.

In this book, the authors have endeavored to reply to over a hundred commonly asked questions about Islamic laws and practices and have also explained the reasons being various Islamic directives.


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